Foil Pan & Lid



Achieve more with adding Sterling King Products (SKP) Foil Sheets, Rolls and Pans to your everyday cooking and packaging tools. Use the entire line
for baking, boiling, roasting, or cover grills with this durable foil. What you’ll get in return is a high quality product with great value!

Keep food temperatures fresh and protected all through delivery and carry out. Line pans for effortless cleanup, wrap foods for tastier grilling, or
cover leftovers for economical take out. The SKP line offers sturdy and practical sizes for bakeries,
commercial kitchens, food trucks and stands or cosmetic use!

Sterling King Aluminum Foil Pan and Lid

  • SKP07FP, 7″ Foil Pan
  • SKP09FP 9″ Foil Pan
  • SKP07FP-PL, Foil laminated 7″ lid
  • SKP09FP-PL, Foil laminated 9″ lid