Double Benefits of Soup Bowls for Chicago Take Out Business 

Jon Pazona of Crisp, Chicago’s popular KoreanAmerican restaurant, talks about how take out containers and active food business go hand in hand.

“The Buddha bowl, our number one dish, has to be perfect every time,” Jon says. Jon tried B32 and B40 plastic soup bowls and found the carrying capacity and seal to be the best fit for his customer’s favorites. “This bowl’s snap on lid, it’s absolutely spectacular.”

Customers know what they want at Crisp, Jon says, and making sure bowls contain the food without spilling is a huge focus. As carryout foods goes, Jon’s popular dishes run the risk of melting or spilling the hot rice or sauces. Having grabbed the Sterling King Products line Jon says he is “ecstatic about finding bowls that can stand up for carryout.”

Because SKP bowls can be reheated, customers are glad to get more use out of their weekend purchase, “they’re extremely versatile,” Jon says.

“We have customers reuse the bowls at home,” Jon says. “They bring it to work, microwave the dish there. They can use it as takeout for the next day.”

By combining unspoiled delivery food in affordable, reusable plastic bowls, Crisp’s mission and to go meals have spurred hearty reviews and a healthy restaurant business.