Sterling King Products foil & foam gives leg up to TV-spotlighted pizzeria 

Saverio Donancricchia and his new restaurant have won wide recognition with features on the Travel Channel and the Food Network. Along with national media attention, Albano’s has become a local favorite for its convenient take out to go food service.

“We want to be that traditional New York pizzeria, where you can get ice cream and dinner with your family,” Saverio says. Pursuing a casual, comfortable feel in the restaurant, he says, motivated him get creative with ways to use take out containers.

Albano's will be part Emeril Lagasse’s “Corks, Forks and Style” Food Network special this fall.

He has found a unique combination of packaging products to satisfy customers. The shape and temperature of pizza slices and pizza puffs posed a container challenge for take out orders. Saverio’s take out business requires Sterling King Products’ aluminum foil rolls and sheets. He also employs single compartment hinged foam containers.

Aluminum foil for hot food and take-out services, wipeable and recyclable.Busy customers want to keep pizza hot on the way home. He chose single compartment foam containers (ranging from 5 to 9 inches) that can retain heat. Then he places SKP aluminum foil sheets at the bottom of hinged clamshells to prevent leaking for items like hot fries.

Though pizza remains a major draw for customers, he has expanded the list of food options to include ice cream, Italian beef sandwiches and cappuccino. Offering customers paper cups has been another way for an easy carry out and dining in experience.

Finding a reliable take out container has kept customers happy and given them incentive to return. Ease of take out, good service and menu at Albano’s has helped grow the 2nd location store. The patrons, he says, have grown in number and loyalty. “There are so many regulars, we know people’s names and we even have people coming from out of state.”

Saverio shows that he has achieved his original goal of establishing a neighborhood atmosphere. He says convenient, affordable take out packaging are also a proven part of the store’s success.