French Market Restaurant Gets Packaging Answer from Plastic Bowl 

Long time FoodPackagingWarehouse.com customer, Mary Aregoni’s has found exactly the right to go food container solution for her business, Vietnamese cuisine restaurant Saigon Sisters, in black 40 oz plastic soup bowls. She says the container’s material and convenient size has enhanced her customers’ dine-in and take-out experience. Her soup bowls also showcase the most important selling points of her signature pho soup.

Mary's Pho soup bowl is at home in 40 oz black plastic to go container.

“The B40 bowls are great because they’re pretty and they look like an actual soup bowl,” Mary reports. “They’re also easy to carry.”

Mary was searching for bowls that had an appealing design that also functioned properly. “I wanted something that looked presentable, other containers also made food hard to eat,” she adds. Since finding the B40 at Food Packaging Warehouse, she’s made it her exclusive soup container. “It works out well for us; it fits the portion size of the soup perfectly.”

Diners who use the 40 oz to go soup bowls base and lid combos appreciate the microwaveable plastic and shatter resistant material. She says the vented lid is another feature that her customers notice. “The vent hole in the lid makes the bowl easy to hold under the bottom part without being too hot,” Mary describes.

Saigon Sisters has brought a popular new flavor of to go options to the Chicago French Market. Now with a second location in Chicago, Mary says that winter time is a busy season for comfort foods like hot soup Her soups include health-conscious ingredients and vegetarian options that make it stand out in the Chicago market. “The soup is different than regular chicken soup because it’s a lot hotter, very healthy, and not fattening and it has vegetables – it’s great.”

The Sterling King Products line carries 12 oz, 16 oz, 22 oz and 28 oz and 40 oz soup bowls.