Culinary Design Studio Serves Many with Hot and Cold Food Bowls 

In Bigfork, Montana FoodPackagingWarehouse.com customer Chef Joshua Auerhammer serves a unique and ever-evolving menu for dine in or take out.

His well-liked boutique restaurant, Culinary Design Studio, offers catering, carry out and private dining presentations in an array of styles including Tuscan, Thai, Cuban and Indian. He says when it came to packaging and preserving his distinctive meals, he needed a container that could fit the wide range of his restaurant’s needs.

B40 plastic soup bowls“I like that the bowls are good containers for hot and cold food, they’re really the perfect size for what I’m making,” Joshua reports of his Sterling King Products B22 plastic soup bowls. He serves lunch entrees in his exclusive 16-seat restaurant with a hot soup and cold salad. Joshua uses the 22 oz soup bowls for each of his side dishes.

The plastic soup bowls from Sterling King Products comes in a base and lid combo and Joshua says the fit of the two makes carry out hassle free. “The lids are nice and secure so they keep the soup very hot for a long time,” Joshua explains.

After seeing the winning features of the bowls, he has found a new way to give his customers added convenience. “I use the bowls as a doggie bag at dinner hour,” he adds. “They’re microwaveable so my customers can pop the container with their food into the microwave the next day.”

Recyclable and microwaveable plastic soup bowls, he believes, are appealing to his earth-conscious customers. “Since they’re reusable, my customers are very interested, they take notice of that for sure.” B40 base and lid comboIn keeping with his always-changing cuisine, Joshua’s menu for the holidays features a Hungarian entrée, red lentil and root vegetable soup with a cinnamon ice cream dessert. He remarks that the material in B22 bowls has made an impression on his customers. “Because they’re super durable people use the bowls as an alternative to Tupperware or Gladware, I use them all over the place.”

Joshua says that since he’s been buying take out containers online at FoodPackagingWarehouse.com he’s found reliable service and dependable delivery times. “The site is really easy to use, the products are excellent and the shipments are really quick,” Joshua says. He also notes that FPW’s take out soup bowl containers are unique in the marketplace, saying “I can’t find this product anywhere else.”